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Allow test suites to be re-run from the web with a different device set

If a test does something like time out, it would be nice to just re-execute either the test suite or the individual failing devices as opposed to having to launch a full new suite and re-upload, etc.

  • Dan Miser
  • Sep 18 2015
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  • Matisse Hack commented
    October 1, 2015 20:05

    It would be nice if you could also edit the device set. Maybe you want to only run it on devices that failed or add more devices to your set.

  • Andrey Chenchik commented
    October 9, 2015 16:50

    IMHO you are mostly getting errors because of the app code and there is no need to rerun tests. And even if you have timeout - there is a bug in your infrastructure. Anyway once you fix network bugs this feature became completely unnecessary. On the other side it can cost a lot of resources to support it. 

  • Guest commented
    June 8, 2016 15:53

    Even just re-run. 
    We have a scenario where our API in the TEST environment goes down (don't ask). And it causes tests to fail. I'd like to be able to simply bring the API back up and then press "Try Again" or something.