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Add support for CrossWalk

Crosswalk is an app runtime based on Chromium. It is a popular alternative to the default Android WebView during Hybrid app development. More info here :


Currently (as of v. 1.3.15 & 2.0.0-beta03) Xamarin UI Test does not recognize the WebView. While the WebView can still be accessed via Raw Calabash queries a lot of the WebElements metadata is missing. 


Examples (Screenshots below): 

With Crosswalk


1. app.Query(c  => c.WebView())....returns empty array app.Query(c => c.WebView());

2. app.Query(c => c.Css("#loginButton"))...returns no resutls

3. app.Query(c => c.Raw("org.xwalk.core.internal.XWalkContent$1 css:'#loginButton'"));...returns the element with missing metadata. Description, Text, Label are all empty


Without Crosswalk


1. app.Query(c  => c.WebView())....returns the SystemWebView element

2. app.Query(c => c.Css("#loginButton"))...returns the valid WebElement with all the WebElement properties correctly populated.(DESIRED BEHAVIOR FOR CROSSWALK). Class, NodeType, NodeName, HTML, TextContent are all populated.

3. app.Query(c => c.Raw("SystemWebView css:'#loginButton'"))...returns the element with missing medata.  Description, Text, Label are all empty



  • Paul Patarinski
  • Sep 27 2016
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