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Run a test agent proxy on a mac to allow driving any test from remote Visual Studio

I'd like to code and run tests 100% from Visual Studio for both Android and iOS.

For this, I just need a test agent proxy on a Mac (because of iOS). I can then dev fully withVisual Studio and run tests, the tests will talk to the proxy on the mac where the physical devices are connected (or emulators).

Ideally, in dev, I could also have the REPL on the client PC.

That would be useful for development as well as continuous integration scenarios (segregation beetween the running machine and the "devices" machine).



This can be very useful when mobile apps are very close in logic among various platforms, you'll want the same tests to run on different platforms. It is not too difficult to share some code today, but it involves writing code with different Tools on different machines.

  • Vincent Labatut
  • Oct 18 2016
Device Manufacturer Apple
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