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obtain calabash/Cucumber JSON test reports in a zip file using test-cloud

It should be possible, using the test-cloud utility (preferably), to obtain the test results in a zip, whenever submiting an application (e.g. .apk).

Imagine that i've created an Android APK and made some Calabash tests
I used the test-cloud utility in order to submit the APK.
However the following question arises: how can we obtain the test results in a machine friendly way?

It would be great if, similar to what test-cloud tool support for c# tests, by passing an --nunit <report.xml> argument, it supported  a way for obtaining the Cucumber JSON reports that were created by cucumber on Test Cloud.

Thus, my suggestion is to obtain those in a zip file, containing one Cucumber JSON report per each device.

  • Sergio Freire
  • Dec 23 2016
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