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Full API for all features of Test Cloud

A full API will make it easier to integrate Test Cloud deeply into the ALM workflow.  Full CRUD operations for:

  • Managing Teams & Orgs
  • Managing Apps
  • Pulling a list of test runs for apps, and viewing summary test result data
  • Managing device sets (list all available devices, and configured device sets, create/delete device sets, etc)
  • Pulling detailed test results for each run (including CPU/Memory, screenshots, etc.) for each device in run
  • And more...

Essentially, each operation that can be manually performed on via the website should have a corresponding API.

  • David Hathaway
  • Oct 14 2015
  • Already exists
Device Manufacturer
Device Model Name
Operating System Version
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  • Chase Florell commented
    October 21, 2015 14:52

    Screenshots, we'd like to bring screenshots back as artifacts.

    Ideally, we would take app store screenshots throughout the test run, and identify them as such. Then we can pull them back as an artifact against the build, and use them during our submission.

  • Dennis Marcu commented
    May 27, 2016 17:12

    +1 for Screenshots, we want to pull them from test cloud

  • Justin Raczak commented
    January 6, 2017 23:26

    Thank you everyone for your input! The new version of Test Cloud in Visual Studio Mobile Center ( will be delivering this functionality. Much of it is online now and new features will be added over the next 2 quarters.