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Upgrade scenario support

Current UI automation doesn't work when verification migration scenario. The user data was cleaned when deploying the new version app.



public class MigrationTests


    public static AndroidAppConfigurator CurrentAppConfig = ConfigureApp.Android.ApkFile(@"xxxxx.apk").ApiKey("3b180b4c0c9dea9385fe85657ec2e799");

    public static AndroidAppConfigurator PreviousAppConfig = ConfigureApp.Android.ApkFile(@"xxxx.apk").ApiKey("3b180b4c0c9dea9385fe85657ec2e799");


   public void UpdateApp()


       app = MigrationTests.PreviousAppConfig.StartApp(); ====> deploy and start the old app

       this.Login(app); ====> do testing to create user data System.

       Threading.Thread.Sleep(10 * 1000);

        app = MigrationTests.CurrentAppConfig.StartApp(AppDataMode.DoNotClear); ====> deploy and start the new app, but the user data was cleared



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  • Oct 27 2015
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