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Centralize Test Run Email Notifications

Currently you can unsubscribe from email notifications within the email itself. It doesnt seem like there is a clear way to resubscribe to a test run. Ideally there would be a central location on the website where you can manage all of the emails for all of you apps and test runs.

  • Ethan Dennis
  • Nov 24 2015
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  • Karl Krukow commented
    November 25, 2015 11:39

    Hey Ethan,

    You can change email notifications in the 'cog' icon on the app (see attachment). Does that work for you?

  • Ethan Dennis commented
    December 1, 2015 23:41

    Hey Karl,

    I've never noticed that option before! It seems like it would work for most cases.

    However, it might also be beneficial to have all app notifications options in a central place, so that its quick to see every app's email settings in one place. Also, it would be pretty cool if you could turn email notifications on and off based on the series of the run as well.