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Ability to choose a default series

At the moment whenever I open an app in Xamarin Test Cloud I get taken to the results of one of our release branches. I'm usually more interested to see the results of our nightly builds however. It would be nice if there was a way to pick a default series to show when you open up the app so I don't have to remember to switch series. Of course this might be different between users so it would be nice if this is a per-user setting.

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  • Apr 19 2016
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  • Colin Dabritz commented
    June 21, 2016 19:42

    Current behavior appears to 'remember' a previous series and take you to it. If you have a single series, going directly there seems fine.

    For multiple series, My preference would be an 'overview' screen, presumably with each series bookmarkable by URL if you choose.

    An overview screen could show the series and recent results in each, just like the 'choose series' screen does. You could add additional context or information like aggregated recent test results, but ultimately I feel that the explicit decision makes your current selection and context more clear.

    Perhaps allow 'pinning' a full series to the top if a favorites-like gesture is desired? Just my thoughts.

    We've definitely run into the "Wait, where are my test runs?" problem several times across several team members, and it was always having an unexpected series as the default.