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Test Results Status Icon

I need a way to display an status icon for a particular test. 

IE: When I submit a test via `test-cloud.exe`, I'd like the json response to return a status icon for that test.

the icon should update through the different stages of the test run, and the "percentage" should be a rough estimate... doesn't need to be exact. If I run 20 tests, and 16 pass / 4 fail... then the progress should be somewhere just after 9 o'clock on the wheel. (svg not necessary).


  "Log": [
    "Negotiating file upload to Xamarin Test Cloud.",
    "Posting to",
    "Uploading XTCiOSUITest.dll ... Already uploaded.",
    "Uploading Xamarin.UITest.dll ... Already uploaded.",
    "Uploading nunit.framework.dll ... Already uploaded.",
    "Uploading Payload.ipa ... Already uploaded.",
    "Upload complete.",
    "Skipping wait for cloud execution. Upload Id: dd3643df-b257-4d57-b836-52a213797350"
  "ErrorMessages": [],
  "TestRunId": "dd3643df-b257-4d57-b836-52a213797350"
"StatusIcon": "" }
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  • Jun 6 2016
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